1. Brush your dry hair first with a paddle brush
  2. Use Paddle brush while wet and with conditioner, brush from the bottom up this will cut down hair damage. Although Boss hair has limited to none shedding, by brushing dry hair this will avoid damage to your hair.
  3. Clean and condition your hair properly upon arrival. We do not have any smells with our hair but this is to make sure your hair is properly cleaned and conditioned before use.
  4. Use warm water while washing hair to avoid damaging the extensions, the cuticles and your scalp.
  5. Allow time for air dry but if you decide to blow dry PLEASE remember to always always always use a heat protectant.
  6. Our hair is extremely soft so we suggest if you like adding color or bleaching your hair we will recommend that you to keep the hair in the color as in which it comes in. If you choose to color your hair understand your doing this at your own risk. Please seek professional colorist when dying your bundles.  
  1. It is very important to take care of your Boss Xtend Hair as you would your own natural hair. This is now “your hair” so treat it with a lot of L O V E!
  2. If your hair is wavy or curly it is recommended that you braid or twist your hair first.
  3. If your style is straight we recommend that you wrap your hair first. 
  4. Next tie or wrap your hair at night with silk or satin bonnets or scarfs.
  1. Before using any heat products, Boss Xtend recommends that you use a heat protectant. Just keep in mind just like your own natural hair, your Boss Xtend hair needs protection! We don’t want you to suffer from heat damage and loose those natural curls or wave patterns you selected!
  2. Please make sure you deep condition your Boss Xtend Hair after every wash and condition.
  3. Make sure you use natural oils 2 to 3 times a week ( as needed only) to avoid dry looking hair. If you have curly hair please replenish oils more often than normal. Curly hair tends to be slightly drier than straight or body wave hair types.
  1. We suggest that you use either wide tooth combs or paddle brushes with your extensions.
Just remember to treat your BOSS XTEND hair as you would your very own natural hair and your hair will always look “model ready” so go ahead and flaunt your stuff ! Your a Boss and we want you to show it!!