About DropShipping


We just made life much easier for you to become successful! We know that starting a new business can be difficult when your finances prevent you from building capital to fund your business venture. Lack of start up funds should not prevent you from getting where you want to be in life!

DROPSHIP LENGTHS has made it possible for you to start selling hair with no inventory and no start up fees! We make life as easy as possible for goal driven individuals to get started today! You are only responsible for selling hair to your customer and we will take care of the rest for you! How does that sound?



You promote your hair company

You set your own prices

Your customer makes a purchase with you

You order the exact same items from our company at wholesale cost

We send the hair to your customer

You keep the profits




You can choose a monthly membership fee of $19.95 plus a one time sign-up fee or a yearly membership of $195.95 plus a one time sign-up fee. The membership will allow us to drop ship your bundles. Drop Ship Membership


No labels, no worries! We have a selection of designs that you may choose from to brand your products.  You also have an option to send in your own branding labels for us to send to your customers. 



This is your company so you will name and call it what you like. Please make sure to acquire the proper business license and keep to all business regulations for your area whether it be an online business or a location. DropShip Lengths will not held liable for the upkeep of your business requirements. 



Remember you are in charge of your own hair company. You call the shots so whatever you charge for your hair is your business :)  You, as our customer, will be responsible for initiating any sales and promotions.  Please keep in mind that DropShip Lengths will only fulfill your orders.



Website design is coming soon! Currently, you will be responsible for creating your own sales channels or website. 



Boss Xtend will never divulge ourselves as your vendor to anyone including your customers.  Your customer WILL NOT know it comes from Boss Xtend LLC.  The return company will say DSL ( DROP SHIP LENGTHS). Your privacy is top priority. Boss Xtend & DSL respects your business and would not want your customer  to know your vendor information since they will purchase directly from us. This is why we keep that information discreet. It is very important for you not to let your customers know our headline name.



You can choose monthly, yearly or lifetime membership options. The reason we charge membership fees is because we are taking care of your orders for you for the fees. Once your a member you will be able to purchase your orders for your customers directly from our membership website (www.dropshiplengths.com). Once your in the position to order in bulk we would suggest you switching over to handle your own orders because you will make more profits. We feel the drop ship options are for customers who are starting off or are just too busy to handle this themselves.



Our shipping fees will be calculated within the order you actually place with us. Remember you will need to charge your customers shipping fees as well to compensate you for the shipping fee you will place with us.



Once you purchase your customers' order with us it will take 3-5 business days for them to receive their shipment. It can take up to 7 business days during sales you may have. Please keep in mind we do not ship during holidays and weekends.



This is a sensitive subject but we will show you how to determine if a order is fraud or not. Sometimes we can catch them but sometimes some will get through. Unfortunately if a customer places a fraudulent order with you this will be your chargeback.  We recommend not shipping an order if you suspect fraudulent ordering activity. Once you're a member we will give you pointers on how to try and determine fraud orders and what you can do to check security.



We have stock pictures of the hair if you would like to order them. We suggest for you to watermark your pictures.



All customer service questions and concerns will be handled by you for your customers. We do not handle your customers. Please make sure not to give our contact information to your customers since customer service issues are your responsibility. Also your customer will then know who your vendor is so this is extremely important not to blend the companies.

Being that YOU are our customer, you are allowed to contact us by emailing us at DROPSHIPLENGTHS@GMAIL.COM or you can call us during business hours 770-626-3937 . Please remember our only function is to ship orders to your customers everything else will be your responsibility.



We offer a 7 day return policy for all items that don't meet your customer satisfaction in terms of quality. We cannot accept the item back if it has been used, worn, tampered with, distorted, wet, out of pattern ect. The hair must be in exact same condition "new" and bundle in tact in order to return. Simply email us or call us within the first 5 days in order to qualify for return.  Bundles are not accepted under any condItion after 7 days. Please understand we must have the hair back within 7 days of the time the customer received it.

Also, we will allow the customer to exchange the hair 1 time if they do not like the pattern, length, or changed their mind as to the type of hair they wanted. In order to accept the hair back it MUST be in the same condition as it was when we sent it to them. The original packaging or hair contents (hair extensions or products) must not show signs of use or tampering.  For example, if a customer fingers through the hair we cannot accept it back. The bundles must not be unraveled or tampered with. It must be in the exact,  new condition as in which we sent it. The customer will pay for shipping to us and return to them on items they choose to exchange. Although very rare situations will the customer have a faulty bundle but in this case if it is proven that the bundle is faulty we will pay for shipping to us and back to them.

We do not have a refund policy. We only offer store credit.  

 Let's get started! Drop Ship Membership